Almond Butter Smoothie

Almond Butter Smoothie

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Love all of it, cacao bliss , golden super food bliss, and the island bliss they are all awesome products❤️Thank you Danette and Craig And your great team I’ve been with the group since October 2019 woo hoo❤️ I will be starting my third year . I have released about 7 pounds . I don’t have a weight issue but I just want to be healthy . This year I hope to do better at excersise and the meditation parts


I am Addicted! I can’t imagine living without it now. I’ve been drinking CACAO BLISS for over a year everyday in my coffee.

Juliette DiGirolamo

Thank you Craig, Danette and Team for the wonderful work you do.
I love your recipes; healthy, quick and easy.
I too still am a follower of yours and appreciate your emails.
Love, ❣️
Emilie Visagie,
Cape Town,
South Africa

Emilie Visagie

Delicious, I did add more chocolate almond milk and coconut water to make a smoother consistency.

Pamela Gage

Just made it for an afternoon pick me up. Tasted amazing.

Jen S.

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