Superfood Vegan Frosting

A Superfood Vegan Frosting Recipe 3 Ways!

Do you think the frosting is the best part of desserts? Do you like a thick layer of frosting or do you prefer a light coating? No matter what your frosting preferences, we’ve got a super easy, super delicious vegan frosting recipe made three ways with the help of your favorite superfood blend!

The base of this frosting is incredibly simple. It uses coconut cream and powdered monk fruit sweetener as the base. There’s a bit of vanilla, of course, and you can add a bit of arrowroot starch if you want a firmer consistency. But the real magic comes with the addition of tasty superfood blends. 

By adding your favorite superfood elixir to this healthy vegan frosting recipe, you can pick the perfect flavor for any occasion. 

  • Cacao Bliss, for a decadent chocolate frosting that unlocks your "Bliss" molecule so you can enter a calm state of happiness.*
  • Golden Superfood Bliss, for a rich golden frosting that helps combat occasional anxiety & helps prevent stress eating.*
  • Chai Bliss, for a spiced frosting that revitalizes your senses gives you a boost in natural energy with no stimulant crash.*

Whether you’re frosting cupcakes, cookies, donuts, quickbreads, or even using it as a sweet fruit dip, this easy Superfood Vegan Frosting is sure to become a favorite recipe. Which superfood blend will you try first? Tell us in the comments!

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