A Simple, Summery Golden Spiced Carrot Salad Recipe

A Simple, Summery Golden Spiced Carrot Salad Recipe

The beauty of summer produce is that you have to do very little to it to make it delicious. In fact, sometimes it’s even better to simply let the beauty of the veggies take center stage. And that’s exactly what this Golden Spiced Carrot Salad does.

Carrots picked fresh and in season are already incredibly sweet and bursting with flavor as it is. So for this simple salad, we’ve let the carrots shine and complemented their sweetness with a simple vinaigrette that’s boosted with the earthy spiced flavor of Golden Superfood Bliss.

The superfoods in this blend lend themselves perfectly to the flavor of the carrot and provide the added benefit of supporting the body’s healthy stress response and curbing cravings. It’s the perfect side dish to just about any meal you have planned this summer and takes just a few minutes to whip up! *

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