A Healthy Gluten-Free Spiced Blueberry Scone Recipe

A Healthy Gluten-Free Spiced Blueberry Scone Recipe

Is there anything more perfect on a weekend morning than enjoying a warm, delicious scone with your coffee? How about one that’s healthy and packed with 12 superfood ingredients? That may sound too good to be true but believe it! We made these Golden Spiced Blueberry Scones with a base of wholesome, nourishing ingredients before adding in a healthy dose of Golden Superfood Bliss.

This rich, spicy blend adds the perfect depth of flavor while also adding superfoods that help support a healthy inflammatory response, control cravings, and reduce cortisol. Start your day in the stress-free state you deserve by treating yourself to one of these delicious gluten-free scones! *

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Thanks for sharing more recipes. Have a lot of product but few recipes. Love the products..

Shirley Dunn

I love your recipes!

Margaret Brewster

I’m so excited to try these beautiful looking scones! I have a sample of the turmeric bliss and will give these a try!! Thank you for the recipe!!

Sherry Del Signore Carmichael

I would like to know if you can only have one scoop of the golden superfood and when is the best time to have a scoop. Sometimes I see it says at night to help you sleep better but then I see other comments that make me think I should have it maybe in the morning

Gloria Vogler

Thanks for the recipes Danette, so good!

Carolyn McNorton

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