A Golden Spiced Coconut Rice Recipe Boosted With Superfoods

A Golden Spiced Coconut Rice Recipe Boosted With Superfoods

This Golden Spiced Coconut Rice recipe is everything you could want in a healthy side dish. It’s incredibly easy to make, super flavorful, and versatile enough to complement a number of main dishes. It’s a definite upgrade from standard white rice. It’s a bit creamy from the coconut milk, a bit savory from the vegetable stock and aromatics, and gets just a touch of sweetness from the Golden Superfood Bliss. Of course, that’s not all this superfood blend has to offer!

Adding Golden Superfood Bliss to this rice dish gives it a great kick of flavor and a boost of health-nourishing benefits thanks to the blend of 12 superfoods. This powerful blend helps support a healthy inflammatory response, soothes occasional stress and anxiety, and promotes more restful sleep. All while tasting absolutely delicious! *

Give this recipe a try to see how versatile Golden Superfood Bliss can be! Click the link below to get your bag today!

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