6 Steps To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

6 Steps To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Winter will be here before you know it, which means now is a great time to start preparing your immune system for the change in season. If you’re interested in boosting your immune system naturally, take a look at the steps outlined below.

6 Steps To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Step 1: Commit To Self Care

Doubling down on your commitment to self care is key to boosting your immune system before winter. That’s because self care is so much more than bubble baths and face masks. Self care is about tuning into what your body and mind need and making it a priority to take care of yourself. 

Self care is different for everyone. It could mean going to bed earlier, making sure you’re eating balanced meals throughout the day, saying “no” to extra social activities, or carving out time for daily body movement. Having a healthy wellness routine creates the solid foundation necessary for keeping your immune system strong all season long. 

Step 2: Prioritize Sleep

It should come as no surprise that good quality sleep is critical to a healthy immune system. Getting enough deep, restorative sleep each night gives your body the time it needs to detoxify and strengthen the immune system. 

It’s important to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. The best way to do this is by having a consistent sleep schedule (even on weekends) and having a screen-free wind down routine each evening.

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Step 3: Nourish Your Body Well

Ensuring your body has the proper nourishment to function optimally is especially important to helping your immune system ward off potential invaders. Whole, nutrient-dense foods rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc, and antioxidants are all great options for boosting your immune system naturally. 

Adding some immune-boosting foods to every meal will go a long way in helping to support your immune system. A few good options include: 

  • Seasonal root vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and beets
  • Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruit
  • Healthy fats like grass-fed butter, fish, olives, nuts, and seeds
  • Leafy greens like spinach, swiss chard, and kale

Step 4: Keep Your Body Moving

Regular moderate exercise is a great way to keep your immune system strong. For example, women who walked 30 minutes a day for a year had half the number of colds compared to those who didn’t exercise. 

Consistency is key here. Keeping up with a regular exercise routine that gets your body moving for around 20-30 minutes every day is far more beneficial than an occasional intense workout. Whether it’s going for a walk, playing with your kids outside, practicing yoga, or trying a new workout routine, find something you enjoy and stick with it!

Step 5: Manage Chronic Stress

We all know chronic stress is an issue. But the sad fact is, chronic stress can suppress the immune system making you more susceptible to infections. That’s why it’s so important to get a handle on your stressors, especially when headed into cold and flu season. 

Stress affects everyone differently and what stresses one person out may not affect another. That also means that the best way to manage stress will be unique to you. Give the following ideas a try and see what works best for you, then stick to it!

  • Cut back on caffeine
  • Meditate daily
  • Stop over-scheduling yourself
  • Find ways to laugh more
  • Schedule time for yourself every day
  • Start a journaling practice
  • Practice deep breathing

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