4 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating in its Tracks

4 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating in its Tracks

Do you find yourself looking through your fridge searching for comfort food during times of increased daily stress or boredom? We’ve all been there, and if you’re ready to help kick emotional eating curbside, you need to read this. 

Ahead, we’re letting you in on exactly what emotional eating is and what you can do instead of snacking on those sweets when life gets hectic. 


What Even is Emotional Eating?

First, let’s talk about what emotional eating is. Harvard Health describes emotional eating as eating comfort food when things in life get stressful.  The problem is that while it may feel like a temporary fix to your stressed to the max emotions, it doesn’t last long and occasionally comes with a feeling of guilt. 

The good news? There are ways you can say no to emotional eating and yes to healthier and much longer-lasting stress-busting hacks instead. 


4 Hacks to Combat Emotional Eating 

#1 Stop & Reflect

When you’re feeling stressed out and going to the fridge, stop and ask yourself, are you really hungry, or are you looking to fill a void? Stopping and pausing for a moment can be a very simple but powerful way to check in with your body and figure out if you are eating because you are really hungry or if stress is ruling your food choices. 

#2 Next, Do Something For You! 

If you determine that you’re not truly hungry and you’re comfort eating, now’s the perfect time to practice some self-care. Leave the kitchen and get outside for a walk or do a five-minute meditation. Or maybe you’re looking for connection and need to reach out to a friend or loved one.

Just do something that makes you feel amazing and a bit less stressed — over time, you’ll learn that you can beat those feelings of stress without having to turn to comfort foods. 

#3 Check-in With Your Body 

Another super helpful tip is to check in with your body when you’re feeling stressed and craving certain foods. 

Be on the lookout for certain signs of emotional eating like:

  • Eating just to satisfy an emotion, not true hunger 
  • Craving a specific kind of food 
  • Eating at time you may not normally reach for food (like late at night) 
  • Having a sudden desire to eat
  • Feeling embarrassed when stress eating 

If you find any of these to be true, then try using one of the two tips above to help curb occasional emotional eating. 

#4 Try Golden Superfood Bliss

If you’re struggling with occasional stress eating, you’re going to want in on our brand new Earth Echo product, Golden Superfood Bliss. Made with powerful spices, adaptogenic herbs, and ancient mushrooms, a daily mug may be exactly what you need to help curb those cravings.

Plus, adaptogens like ashwagandha have been shown to help maintain blood sugar levels already within normal, health range, so you’ll be less likely to deal with those blood sugar swings that may ultimately leave you craving more sweets. 

Try adding a mug of Golden Superfood Bliss to your evening routine to help combat cravings and help ease feelings of stress all at the same time. 


Show Those Comfort Food Cravings Whose Boss

Ready to take control of your food choices? See how these four hacks may be the tools you need to finally say no to emotional eating. 

And, remember to always speak with your doctor if you have questions about your eating habits or are concerned that emotional eating is affecting the quality of your life as no one should have to go it alone! 


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My problem usually it’s just shortly after dinner I start reaching for some thing sweet or salty or something. For now on I will have my little chocolate bites when I feel that way and then if I still feel like I need something I’m going to have my cup of golden bliss sooner than later.

Rosemary Brooks

Thanks so much for the tips. I have found myself standing looking inside the refrigerator and have learned that if I make myself a cup of hot chocolate with Cacao Bliss it definitely stops the cravings.

Rhonda Corinne

I have used cacao bliss and love it!!

Marchia Asay

Last night my nightly ritual of a bowl of chocolate ice cream was replaced by a mug of warm Almond milk and Superfood Bliss. That was all I needed!

Kathy Thigpen

Love your tips for added success. Helpful to stay on track

Shirley Dunn

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