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4 Signs Your Immune System Needs Support (Plus What to do About it)

4 Signs Your Immune System Needs Support (Plus What to do About it)

Working on building a robust immune system is one of the best things we can all be doing to support our overall well being — and, if you are wondering if your immune system could use a tune-up, we’re sharing the four clues you need to know and the steps you can take right now. 

Because while washing your hands and staying away from those who are sick are huge parts of staying healthy, building a strong immune system goes far beyond the basics. 

First, let’s dive into the red flags that may indicate your immune system could use some serious TLC. 

4 Clues Your Immune System Needs a Boost 

#1 You Catch Colds Left And Right 

If you feel like you are constantly sick with the sniffles, this is a big red flag your immune system could use a boost. Frequent infections could indicate that your immune system is having a hard time keeping up with illnesses you come in contact with, as well as the antibodies your body needs to make to keep germs at bay. 

So, if you’re getting way more than just 2-3 colds per year, it may be time to think about ways to support a stronger immune system. 

#2 Your Digestive System is Out of Whack 

Feel like you constantly have tummy troubles? Having a weakened digestive system directly impacts how strong your immune response is — why? Because nearly 70% of the immune system resides in the gut. This is where all of those beneficial bacteria live to help fight off infection. But, with gut imbalance, you may not have enough of those friendly bacteria to keep your immune system strong and ready to fight off germs that come your way. 

#3 Your Stress Levels Are Out of Control 

Chronic stress has also been linked to a weakened immune system. It can increase your risk of frequent infections. Many of us know this to be true when under periods of increased stress — we may find that this is the time we come down with a cold or flu, which is a big sign that it’s time to slow down and get our stress levels in check.  

#4 You’re Tired All Day Long

If you wake up tired, even after a solid night's sleep and struggle with fatigue throughout the day, it may be due to a weakened immune system. The body conserves energy for fighting infections, so if your immune system is having a hard time keeping up, it often leads to a feeling of depletion and fatigue. 

3 Ways to Support a Strong Immune System 

Ready to start giving your immune system the boost it needs? Here are three ways to support a strong immune response. 

#1 Support Gut Health 

As mentioned, a huge portion of the immune system resides in the gut, so supplementing with a high-quality probiotic is a great way to give your gut a powerful boost of beneficial bacteria to help keep germs away. 

Our Earth Echo Probiotic is made with 12 power strains for optimal gut and immune support! 

Plus, our probiotic is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, GMO-free, and is free from preservatives. By taking Earth Echo probiotics, you can be sure that you are giving your body the healthy bacteria it needs to help keep your immune system strong all year long. 

#2 Combat Inflammation 

Another key part of showing our immune system some love is keeping inflammation in check because chronic inflammation has been linked to chronic disease.The good news is that we all have the power to keep inflammation away with healthy food and lifestyle choices. 

An easy way to cool inflammation is to supplement with turmeric and ginger. Both have been known to hold powerful anti-inflammatory properties — a key part of building a strong immune system. Plus, turmeric has also been known to directly support the immune system. 

Pair Earth Echo’s Turmeric + Ginger supplement with a daily probiotic, and you’ll set yourself up for a serious immune boost. 

#3 Move Your Body Daily

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and moving your body daily helps improve circulation and thus allows immune cells to move more freely, getting them to where they need to be for optimal functioning. 

So, get outside for a brisk walk daily or unwind with a yoga or Pilates practice. Your mind, body, and immune system will thank you for it. 

Build a Solid Foundation For a Strong Immune System 

Supporting a strong immune system starts from within. We have to look at the foods we eat, the lifestyle choices we make, and we have to get serious about boosting our gut health and reducing our stress. 

Use these three hacks to boost your immune system during a time we all could use some extra support. And, if you’re frequently sick, we invite you to look at some of the underlying causes of weakened immunity. Knowing the root cause is a huge part of keeping your immune system in tip-top shape all year long.


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