4 Reasons Your Probiotic May Not Be Working (Plus How to Find One That Does What is Says)

4 Reasons Your Probiotic May Not Be Working (Plus How to Find One That Does What is Says)

Probiotics have been all the buzz and one of the most common supplements we turn to when looking for ways to support gut health. But, if you’ve been supplementing with one for some time, and aren’t seeing results, you may be taking the wrong kind. 

We’re sharing the science behind why not all probiotics are created equal, and four reasons why the one you’ve been taking may not be working. 

Plus, we’ll let you in on how to find one that actually does what it says. 

Want in? Read on. 

4 Reasons Your Probiotic May Not Be Working 

#1 Your Probiotic Doesn’t Contain Active Strains  

If your current probiotic doesn’t contain live and active strains, it may not be doing much for your gut health at all. 

When looking at the definition of probiotics, the World Health Organization defines them as “live microorganisms.” If you’re taking a supplement without these active strains, they may not be providing the benefit we’re all looking for when turning to a probiotic. 

#2 The Beneficial Bacteria Strains Aren’t Actually Reaching Your Gut 

Here’s another issue we run into with lower quality probiotic supplements. Even if you’re taking a probiotic with live and active strains, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those beneficial bacteria are reaching your gut. 

Once ingested, these bacteria have to survive the acidity in the stomach. If you’re taking a product that isn’t protected in a capsule, these probiotics may not be having a beneficial effect at all. 

#3 It May Contain Hidden Allergens

Another big reason your probiotic may not be working is if it contains hidden allergens that your body may be reacting too. Some common ones are dairy, gluten, and soy. Many probiotics do contain dairy-based ingredients and use other allergens as fillers. 

If your body reacts to these allergens, your probiotic may actually be contributing to your digestive issues. 

#4 Your Probiotic May Not Contain a Mix of Strains

While there are products out there that only contain one bacteria strain, if you are looking to support your health on different levels with a probiotic supplement, you may benefit from a capsule that includes different types of bacteria. 

This is because not all probiotics work the same. A combo of strains has been shown to help ease occasional constipation, while Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, and Bifidobacterium strains have been shown to help with occasional bloating. * 

Taking a supplement that contains more than one strain may prove to hold various benefits for overall health. 

How to Find The Best Probiotic For You 

So, how do you go about finding the best probiotic supplement that will actually do what it says? 

Here are five tips for selecting a product that actually works. 

  • Look for the terms “live and active” on your probiotic supplement bottle. 
  • Select a product that is free from the most common allergens like dairy, gluten, soy, eggs. 
  • Steer clear of supplements that contain artificial ingredients or added sugar. 
  • Select a probiotic with various bacteria strains. 
  • Be sure that the probiotic comes in a capsule to make sure the bacteria can actually reach your gut. 

The good news is that you don’t have to look any further for a probiotic that promises all of these things. Our Earth Echo Probiotic is made with 12 active super strains that are packed into small capsules to help boost your gut and immune health. *

You can be sure that these 12 potent bacteria strains reach your gut and provide you with the gut-boosting benefits you are looking for. *

So, say goodbye to expensive probiotic supplements that don’t do what they say and get the best bang for your buck with one single capsule per day to help you feel your absolute best.


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