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Avoid Knee Injury With These 3 Hacks

Avoid Knee Injury With These 3 Hacks

Regular physical activity is a huge part of supporting overall wellness, but there are some important steps to take to help safeguard our body against things like knee injury. And, if you’re used to doing some higher-intensity exercise like jogging or HIIT, taking care of your knee health is going to be a huge part of keeping your body functioning at its best, before, during, and after exercise. 

Ahead are three natural ways to help support the body during exercise and particularly help prevent the risk of knee injury.


3 Natural Ways to Help Avoid Knee Injury 


#1 Stretch it Out 

Stretching is still important, even if it seems like all of the HIIT workouts you’ve been doing lately completely skip over the warm-up. Research suggests that stretching may not only help reduce the risk of injury, but may also help improve flexibility, and even boost athletic performance.


Some studies suggest that it’s best to warm up with some light walking or biking for a few minutes first and then stretch to prevent stretching cold muscles and to stretch after a workout when your muscles have been warmed up. 


#2 Supplement With Collagen 

Collagen peptides make a great flavorless protein option to consider adding to your post-workout shake, and it may do more for our joint health than we think. A study found that collagen supplementation helped improve joint-related pain in athletes, and researches suggested that collagen may even help reduce the risk of joint deterioration.


So, if you’ve been looking to add a new source of protein to your pre or post-workout fuel, consider Earth Echo Collagen Peptides, made with 100% bovine collagen that’s dairy, gluten, GMO, and antibiotic-free. 


#3 Try Functional Fitness 

Another important way to help reduce the risk of injury is choosing what type of exercise you do as not all forms of exercise are joint-friendly. Functional fitness has been known to help train muscles as a way to help perform day-to-day activities safely. This type of movement has been shown to help reduce the risk of injury and may even help improve balance and muscle strength. 


A Powerful 3-Step Approach to Reducing the Risk of Knee Injury 

Any sort of injury during exercise can completely get in the way of your quality of life and interfere with your ability to continue to stay active. So, in addition to choosing lower-impact workouts that don’t strain your muscles and joints, give these three tips a try. They may even help support your exercise routine as a whole. 


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