3 Indulgent and Healthy Cacao Bliss Mug Cake Recipes

3 Indulgent and Healthy Cacao Bliss Mug Cake Recipes

If you like mug cakes, then you are in for a treat! We’ve got three fun ways to take a Cacao Bliss mug cake up a notch and make it a unique, healthy snack that fits whatever you’re in the mood for.

Craving a taste of summer? Try the Nuts & Berries option. In the mood for a little something spicy? The Mexican Hot Chocolate is for you. Need something that channels the flavors of your favorite ice cream? Give the Chunky Monkey option a try. They’re all super chocolatey, delicious, and (the best part) healthy! Cacao Bliss makes it easy to incorporate superfoods into your diet in a way that feels completely indulgent. Because there’s no reason nourishing your body shouldn’t feel like a treat. Give one of the recipes below a try and see for yourself!

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Can’t wait to try recipes!

Brenda Lyon

I love cacao bliss, but I think I like golden bliss better. It’s awesome on oatmeal with a little cinnamon.

Jan Launius

I absolutely LOVE these products! I consider myself a chocoholic and the Cacao Bliss, not only satisfies my cravings, but it’s good for me. When the Golden gets used, along with it, in my hot cocoa, bam, it’s a winner!

Kathy Rembold

I’ve been using the cacao bliss for almost 2 years now! I love it in my coffee and that’s basically how I use it. I’ve tried a few recipes but don’t want to use so much of it in recipes as it’s a little too expensive to use so much of it all at once!

Rhonda Wickersheim

I love Cacao Bliss. I put it in a cup of coffee every day. It’s so good!

Diane Poupore

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