15 Fun, Simple Ways To Beat Winter Blues

15 Fun, Simple Ways To Beat Winter Blues

Winter is on its way out but sometimes the final weeks can feel like the longest. With spring so close yet so far, here are some fun, healthy tips on boosting your spirits during the last stretch of winter.

15 Ways To Make Winter A Little More Enjoyable

  1. Get serious about managing your screen time. It might feel ironic since you’re reading this tip on a screen but with so much time spent indoors during winter, it’s easy to let screen time get out of hand. Be selective with both what you consume during screen time and how much time you spend consuming it.
  2. Lean into all the coziness of winter. Rather than seeing the shorter days and colder temps of winter as a punishment, look at them as an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the stillness. Make a pot of delicious soup or brew a mug of Golden Superfood Bliss. Put on your softest loungewear and fuzziest socks. Light a fire and wrap up in a blanket with a good book. Truly savor all the activities that are unique to wintertime. 
  3. Get obsessive about seeking out the sun. Make it a priority to spend time outside as often as the weather allows. See a sliver of sunshine in the afternoon? Take a 15 minute break to walk around the block. Notice a gorgeous sunrise? Put on your winter coat and sip your morning coffee outside. Every small burst of sun exposure and fresh air can have a positive effect on your mood.
  4. Find or make an upbeat playlist. Listening to mood-boosting music is a simple and fun way to feel more energized and view the world in a more positive light. 
  5. Watch some laugh-out-loud comedy. Whether it’s a favorite movie you’ve seen a hundred times or a comedy special from a comedian you’ve never heard of before, anything that gives you the giggles is a great way to release powerful feel-good endorphins, boost your immune system, and even burn calories! After all, “laughter is the best medicine”.
  6. Unlock your “bliss molecule” with a mug of Cacao Bliss. In addition to increasing that cozy feeling, Cacao Bliss is full of health-nourishing ingredients that give you natural energy, mental clarity, and can help curb cravings. It’s a delicious ritual that will satisfy your sweet tooth. *
  7. Use an evening routine to get better sleep. Darker mornings can make it difficult to want to get out of bed but one of the best ways to make mornings easier is by starting an evening routine. Giving yourself time to wind down in the evenings can help you fall asleep easier, sleep better, and stick to a healthy sleep schedule. 
  8. Give a new indoor hobby a try. It’s easy to get bored with your daily routine when you’re stuck indoors. So why not give something new a try? Whether it’s knitting, puzzles, painting, or learning a language, having a hobby can help keep you from feeling stir crazy. And who knows, you might even stumble upon your new passion. 
  9. Rearrange your home. If you’re feeling cooped up in your home, changing up the layout and decor can make a world of difference. Switching around your furniture or redecorating your space with items you already have can go a long way to making your home feel fresh and new. 
  10. Find something to look forward to. While some traditional activities might be limited this year due to the pandemic, a lot of cities have gotten creative in providing safe outdoor and socially-distanced winter activities. Do a little digging and see what’s being offered in your area. 
  11. Focus on regular small acts of self-care. You don’t have to book a spa day to make a difference in your well-being. Simple, frequent self-care activities like taking a bubble bath, giving yourself a manicure, or doing a face mask can go a long way toward making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 
  12. Eat a nourishing diet. It can be tempting to consume a lot of sugar and simple carbs during winter but that can cause cravings and sluggishness in the long run. Instead, prioritize eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and protein with every meal. To make getting your protein even easier, give Collagen Peptides a try. They’re flavorless, dissolve easily, and promote radiant skin, gut health, and healthier joints. *
  13. Complement your mood with aromatherapy. Essential oils are a great way to create an atmosphere that’s conducive to whatever mood you want to create. Try diffusing lavender to create a soothing, relaxing environment. Or give lemon and orange a try if you want to give your home a more energized aroma. 
  14. Add some plants and flowers to your home. Seeing and being around greenery and nature has been shown to reduce stress levels and boost your mood. And since nature outside is mostly dormant in winter, it’s the perfect time to bring some greenery indoors! Try putting a plant in the room where you spend a lot of time. Or, if you aren’t the green-thumb type, buy yourself some colorful flowers to brighten up your space.
  15. Make your daily to-do list doable. Feeling productive can help combat low energy levels in the winter. And creating a to-do list that breaks out your tasks to make them more achievable is a great way to stay productive. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things to do. And don’t forget to reward your accomplishments with a delicious mug of Cacao Bliss! 

Keeping your body healthy, happy, and nourished is key to feeling vibrant all winter long. And if you want a superfood elixir that helps you do just that while tasting delicious, try combining Cacao Bliss with Collagen Peptides! This magic combo can boost your natural energy, curb cravings, and support a healthy inflammatory response. Get yours here! *




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