10 Good Reasons To Sprinkle More Pepper on Everything

10 Good Reasons To Sprinkle More Pepper on Everything

How much do you know about pepper, aside from it being in one of the two shakers you’ll find on virtually any dining table?

Did you know that pepper is a fruit that grows on a vine? And that although most of the pepper sold and consumed is black, it actually comes in three colors? Here’s the difference between the three:

  • Black peppercorns are ripened, cooked, and then dried
  • Green peppercorns are unripe and dried
  • White peppercorns are almost ripe and have the skin removed

Most importantly, did you know that pepper is a powerhouse of health benefits? It’s loaded with minerals and vitamins, including iron, magnesium, and vitamins C and K. It contains an essential oil called piperine, boost the absorption of some nutrients.

What’s more, pepper also helps absorb turmeric, which, if you’re enjoying turmeric daily with a superfood blend like Golden Superfood Blisscan really boost the efficacy. 

Still need more convincing that the health benefits of pepper are nothing to sneeze at? Here are even more reasons to sprinkle on pepper any chance you can get:

  1. Promotes digestion – Black pepper stimulates your body’s ability to break down food. It boosts the enzymes in the pancreas and may ease  occasional gas. 
  2. Lowers blood pressure – Piperine has been shown to lower blood pressure in animals.
  3. Helps you lose weight – Piperine helps regulate enzymes involved in fat metabolism. It’s also a great way to give your food more flavor without adding any extra fat or salt.*
  4. Contains antioxidants – Black pepper has been shown to fight free radicals. This boosts the immune system and eases stress on the body’s cells. 
  5. Enhances brain health – One of the most important things pepper does is regulate the action of an enzyme that breaks down serotonin and melatonin. These two hormones are important to our well-being: serotonin calms us down and melatonin helps regulate our sleep cycle. It also may preserve dopamine, a hormone that helps us feel good. 
  6. Boosts male fertility – Black pepper contains zinc and magnesium. These two minerals boost male testosterone levels.*

These are some pretty compelling reasons to add pepper to your meals. Comment below which benefit surprised you most.

If it happened to be benefit #4 (pepper supports weight management), you may want to add Cacao Bliss to your superfoods stash as well. It’s the ultimate cravings-fighter and helps your sweet tooth take a seat.*


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I didn’t know any of these fun facts about pepper. I will be using more.
Thank you for the information.


I didn’t know all that about pepper. Very interesting. It seems like I have been craving blk pepper these days. Now I get it..


Love the fact that it helps w BP 🙌🏼


Good to know


Ty for the information about pepper..we don’t seem to be educated about that much at all


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