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I Am Complete Bundle

I Am Complete Bundle

A Complete Health Bundle!

  • Cacao Bliss
  • Golden Superfood Bliss
  • Collagen Peptides
  • Island Bliss
  • Chai Bliss
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This Product Is

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Keto Friendly
Soy Free
USDA Organic
100% Vegan
Antibiotic Free
Corn Free
BGH Free
BSE Free
BST Free
TSE Free
No Artificial Flavoring
  • Raw Cacao

    Raw Cacao

    Supports your body's natural ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels already in normal range, keep you satiated and promote optimal carbohydrate metabolism.*

  • Turmeric


    Fights temporary inflammation related to physical exercise, improves digestion, dissolves stubborn fat and soothes occasional anxiety and stress.*

  • Black Pepper

    Black Pepper

    To maximize your results by increasing the "bioavailability" of the Turmeric by up to 2,000%.*

  • MCT Powder

    MCT Powder

    To help you feel satiated longer, making it easier for your body to release stubborn fat deposits.*

  • Cinnamon


    Improves your body's ability to digest glucose, and reduce your desire for sugary treats.*

  • Monk Fruit

    Monk Fruit

    Helps satisfy your sweet tooth as well as sugar, with zero calories and no ill effect on your blood sugar.*

  • Coconut Nectar

    Coconut Nectar

    Acts as a prebiotic and feeds the healthy gut bacteria in your lower intestine.*

  • Lucuma


    Adds a hint of caramel-like flavor and has body-repairing properties.*

  • Mesquite


    A sweet and nutty superfood that doesn't cause blood sugar spikes, and helps boost your immune system.*

  • Himalayan Salt

    Himalayan Salt

    Contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, while helping to balance your pH levels.*

  • Organic Greens Blend

    Organic Greens Blend

    A blend of 12 different superfoods and veggies including organic spirulina, organic moringa, organic chlorella, and organic maca to support energy levels and metabolism.*

  • Organic Vitaberry Blend

    Organic Vitaberry Blend

    This blend contains high quality antioxidants from 6 different berries to promote healthy ageing, cardiovascular health, as well as healthy carbohydrate metabolism.*

  • Prebiotic/Probiotic Blend

    Prebiotic/Probiotic Blend

    Constantly working to produce a healthy gut flora to support your digestion, immunity, and overall health.*

  • Organic Spectra

    Organic Spectra

    This powerful blend contains over 18 ingredients including CoffeeBerry® and pomegranate extract plus organic acai for a natural source of energy.*

  • Chai Blend

    Chai Blend

    Energizing, clarifying, and relaxing. Promotes wellness throughout your body, mind, and spirit.*

  • Lion's Mane Mushroom

    Lion's Mane Mushroom

  • Zinc


    Supports immunity, cognition, and mood effects* Allowing you to handle life's toughest challenges with ease.*

  • Nootropic Energy Blend

    Nootropic Energy Blend

    To help boost brain energy and focus. Even when your Brain Fog is at its worst!**

  • Spice Blend

    Spice Blend

    A blend of 6 different spices, Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove bud, nutmeg, and black pepper all with health boosting antioxidants*

  • Ashwangandha


    To help balance stress and reduce cortisol by up to 28% and improve the quality of sleep when used regularly.*

  • Amla Fruit

    Amla Fruit

    Added to help you reduce fat by keeping you fuller longer, and helps you optimize carbohydrate metabolism.*

  • Cardamom


    Fights occasional anxiety and temporary, exercise related inflammation by combating CRF, a hormone that contributes to increased estrogen levels, weight gain, and diminished libido.*

  • Ginger Root

    Ginger Root

    Added to reduce your appetite, help you feel fuller longer, and boost your metabolism by accelerating digestion.*

  • Coconut Milk

    Coconut Milk

    So that you can stimulate weight loss by "retraining" the body to burn more calories, and help you feel full longer.*

  • 4 Mushroom Blend

    4 Mushroom Blend

    Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake and Lion's Mane added to support a healthy inflammatory response, boost fat loss and help combat cravings and hunger.*

  • Collagen


    Get relief from occasional joint pain after exercise, perk up dull looking skin, and repair dry, brittle hair.*

Every purchase plants a tree!

We want to move away from plastic and toward plants. In an effort to balance the impact that our packaging has on the earth, we've forged global partnerships to plant a tree for every Earth Echo™ purchase and are on track to plant 430,000 trees this year.

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The Earth Echo Promise

Every supplement or superfood from Earth Echo Foods is designed to be good for you and good for the planet.

Our entire line of superfoods and supplements are the most bioavailable, ethically sourced ingredients on the market so that you have the energy you need to show up in your life every day, ready to give to yourself, your family, and to the earth.

Buy With Clear Mind


Is it safe with my current medication?

If you are concerned about any of our Bliss products interacting with your medication, please consult your doctor. Show them the list of ingredients and ask how it fits into your current treatment. If you have any problems, remember we’ll give you a prompt refund.

Will it help me lose weight?

It can if you combine it along with a healthy eating lifestyle. But it wasn’t specifically created as a way for you to lose weight. It was made to help you get in a better place mentally, so decisions like eating healthier become easier.

What is the best time of day to take Cacao Bliss?

This again depends on you. You can put a scoop in your morning coffee, into a smoothie for lunch, into dessert after dinner, or into a cup of hot chocolate at any point in the day. There are only 7mg of caffeine per serving (not enough to affect your sleep), so you can feel free to enjoy it right up until bed!

What types of collegan or in this ? Type 1,2,or 3?

Bovine collagen, types I and III!

What sets our Collagen apart from other brands?

Bovine collagen is the most ideal for maximum benefits of collagen because it's closer to our body chemistry to provide healthier skin, hair, nails etc. In fact, Bovine Collagen is the only type of collagen chock full of "glycine" and "proline" — 2 anti-aging amino acids. It's a Peptide powder which means it dissolves easily in hot OR cold water and won't give the clumping effect that some collagens do when mixed with liquid. It's flavorless so you don't have any strong odors or odd tastes when you mix it. It's Gluten-Free. No Antibiotics, No GMOs, No Artificial coloring or flavoring. No added sugar, No Dairy, No rBGH or rBST. One of the most digestible forms of protein you can get so it's easier on your stomach.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. You have a full 60 days to use your money-back guarantee.

If I want to use this product to help sleep better what time of day should I drink Golden Superfood Bliss?

Most folks enjoy a cup with their favorite warm liquid prior to bedtime!

How much caffeine is in Chai Bliss?

Chai Bliss has less than 0.0425mg of caffeine per serving which is super low amount.

Does your manufacturing process test for heavy metals?

Our products are certified USDA organic - which requires passing strict testing for heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, phthalates, plastics, & many other chemicals commonly found in the soil of the crops & in turn the finished products. Our crops are routinely tested as well as every single batch of the finished product to maintain our organic seal. The warning scares and confuses a lot of people

What is the best time of day to take Island Bliss?

This again depends on you. You can put a scoop into some water, into a smoothie for lunch or use it to make one of the unique & delicious healthy recipes you find on our blog at

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