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"It makes me feel very relaxed but focused. The taste is like a delicious rich ginger vanilla latte. My taste buds are so happy!"
— Janis C.

Golden Superfood Bliss - Hunger Crushing Stress Reliever

  • Supports improved quality of sleep, helping you feel rested and refreshed*
  • Boosts your metabolism*
  • Helps to combat cravings so you eat fewer calories*
  • Helps balance your hunger*
  • Combats occasional anxiety & helps prevent stress eating*
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response and balances hormones*
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Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Keto Friendly
100% Vegan

33% of adults overeat due to stress and occasional difficulty sleeping - which contributes to overeating. In a world where processed and sugary food seems to dominate, you need a healthy alternative. Enjoy incredible mental and physical health benefits by turning to Golden Superfood Bliss.


We made Golden Superfood Bliss to give weight conscious individuals a filling, 25 calorie, and delicious alternative!


SAY GOODBYE TO Stress Eating

Enjoy incredible mental and physical health benefits by turning to a quick and tasty alternative.

MAKE a Variety of Guilt-Free Drinks and Treats Using Golden Superfood Bliss

Mix Up Some Golden Superfood Bliss For a Quick Drink To Satisfy Your Cravings. OR Drop A Scoop Into Your Coffee, Tea, Smoothie, Or Shake. For A Healthy Alternative - Add It To Your Cookies, Soups, Cakes, there are SO many possibilities!! Get Hundreds of Healthy Recipes On Our Website For Free.


Golden Superfood Bliss contains 12 powerful ingredients that crush hunger cravings, and help relieve stress, making it the most potent and effective product of its kind on the market.*

Golden Superfood Bliss contains Turmeric
Turmeric - fights temporary inflammation related to physical exercise, improves digestion, dissolves stubborn fat and soothes occasional anxiety and stress.*
Golden Superfood contains Black Pepper
Black Pepper - to maximize your results by increasing the "bioavailability" of the Turmeric by up to 2,000%.*
Golden Superfood Bliss contains Coconut Milk and MCT Oil
Coconut Milk and MCT Oil - so that you can stimulate weight loss by "retraining" the body to burn more calories, and help you feel full longer.*
Golden Superfood Bliss contains Amla Fruit
Amla Fruit - added to help you reduce fat by keeping you fuller longer, and helps you optimize carbohydrate metabolism.*
Golden Superfood Bliss contains Cinnamon Bark
Cinnamon - improves your body’s ability to digest glucose, and reduce your desire for sugary treats.*
Golden Superfood Bliss contains Ginger Root
Ginger Root - added to reduce your appetite, help you feel fuller longer, and boost your metabolism by accelerating digestion.*
Golden Superfood Bliss contains Cardamom
Cardamom - fights occasional anxiety and temporary, exercise related inflammation by combating CRF, a hormone that contributes to increased estrogen levels, weight gain, and diminished libido.*
Golden Superfood Bliss contains Ashwagandha
Ashwagandha - to help balance stress and reduce cortisol by up to 28% and improve the quality of sleep when used regularly.*
Golden Superfood Bliss contains a 4 Mushroom Blend
4 Mushroom Blend - Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake and Lion's Mane added to support a healthy inflammatory response, boost fat loss and help combat cravings and hunger.*


"Was having trouble sleeping and relaxing at night and this product has really done what it states. Highly recommend!"


“For me, it gives me a full satisfied feeling before I go to sleep at night this cutting down on late night snacking . Occasionally during the day I have one mid morning if I start to get a little hungry or anxious. Drinking it consistently seems to have also decreased my cravings for sweets which was my number one enemy.All in all I have been taking it for a month now and I’ve lost 10 pounds and I’m very satisfied"

-Sharon B.

“It is helping me with night cravings and has a great flavor. I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with emotional eating.”


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Golden Superfood Bliss IS READY IN


Mix a scoop into coffee, tea, or even soups! Stir or shake until well blended - then sip and enjoy!

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The Earth Echo Promise

Every supplement or superfood from Earth Echo Foods is designed to be good for you and good for the planet. Our entire line of superfoods and supplements are some of the most bioavailable, ethically sourced ingredients on the market so that you have the energy you need to show up in your life every day, ready to give to yourself, your family, and to the earth.

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