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"Earth Echo Collagen Peptides has given my hair and skin the nutrients and looks I've been searching years for!"
— Justine K.

Collagen Peptides

  • Promotes Gut Health by aiding digestion and helping to repair the intestinal and stomach lining, which also helps with immunity.*
  • Promotes Radiant Skin for a youthful glow that takes years off your face.*
  • Stronger hair, nails, and bones so you can reduce the visible signs of aging.*
  • Promotes healthier joints so you can keep doing all your normal activities regardless of your age.*
  • Easily Dissolves and flavorless so you can mix it with any of your favorite drinks, breakfast smoothies, baked goods, or even water.
  • 100% Bovine Collagen so you get the maximum benefits of collagen sourced from the best farms and facilities.
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How many servings are inside?

There are 22  servings in each bag. Servings size = 1 scoop (19g). Good idea to order multiple bags for best value and the average person uses 1 scoop up to 3 times per day.

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TSE Free
BSE Free
Artificial Flavoring Free

A Younger You Is Just One Scoop Away

Collagen Can Help Everything From:
Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Youthful Skin
Youthful Skin

Helping your skin look visibly younger*

Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Healthy Hair
Healthy Hair

Supporting strong hair that grows*

Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Beautiful Nails
Beautiful Nails

Strengthening Nails*

Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Restful Sleep
Restful Sleep

Helping you get a better night's sleep*

Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Feeling Good
Feeling Good

Supporting healthy digestion*

Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Healthy Levels
Healthy Levels

Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels*

Without Collagen, It's Only a Matter of Time Before…

  • Skin goes from smooth and taut, to wrinkles beginning to show (and stay!)
  • Tendons and ligaments that help you move, stretch, reach and bend may start to stiffen. Eventually, you're not as flexible and start to feel a bit older than you are.
  • Strength and flexibility start to dwindle. You're not as strong, and your muscle mass is decreasing. Collagen is a good source of protein and increasing intake could help your muscles remain strong over time.*
  • Cartilage in your joints begins to wear from lack of a protective cushion, causing discomfort.
  • And for the icing on the cake, without collagen…your gut lining can get thinner! This can lead to more digestive issues and lead to a decrease in the nutrients needed to support a healthy immune system.
And Nature is Not Making It Better

Research indicates starting from 40 years old, collagen levels have already decreased by 31%

And by the later parts of life, collagen levels drop by more than HALF!

This chart from a recent study clearly shows what can happen unless you give your body a little help.

Earth Echo Foods - Collagen Chart

When Your Body is Collagen Abundant, You Have Support For…

Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Flexible Joints
Flexible Joints

Supplementing with collagen has shown to improve markers of healthy joint function and comfort and it could help all the movements you do as part of everyday life — walking, crouching, bending over, or even just using your smartphone — become comfortable, graceful and smooth again.*

Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Bright, Smooth Skin
Bright, Smooth Skin

In the "gold standard" of clinical tests — a double-blind, placebo-controlled study — scientists concluded that taking collagen peptides reduces the appearance of cellulite AND has a positive impact on skin health.*

Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Long, Strong Hair
Long, Strong Hair

A study conducted by the University of Tokyo shows collagen supports your body's production of keratin. Keratin is essential for healthy hair growth. It also helps increase blood flow to your scalp, which promotes stronger, thicker hair.*

Why is Earth Echo Different?

  • We use the best 100% Bovine Collagen you can find in the world so you can gain the maximum benefits of stronger hair, nails, and healthy glowing skin.*
  • Quickly and easily dissolves so you can put it in smoothies, coffee, or even a glass of water.
  • Supports healthy digestion with our special blend so you will look good and feel good.*
  • 17 grams of clean protein with every scoop so you can support increased weight-loss.
It Isn't Just About What We Put in Earth Echo Collagen Peptides, But Also What We Keep Out of It…

Clean Ingredients Are Important To Us

Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Antibiotic Free
Antibiotic Free
Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Corn Free
Corn Free
Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - No Artificial Coloring
No Artificial Coloring
Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - No Artificial Flavoring
No Artificial Flavoring
Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - No Added Sugar
No Added Sugar
Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - Dairy Free
Dairy Free
Earth Echo Collagen Peptides - No rBGH Or rBST

Frequently Asked Questions

Bovine collagen is the most ideal for maximum benefits of collagen because it's closer to our body chemistry to provide healthier skin, hair, nails etc. In fact, Bovine Collagen is the only type of collagen chock full of "glycine" and "proline" — 2 anti-aging amino acids.*

It's a Peptide powder which means it dissolves easily in hot OR cold water and won't give the clumping effect that some collagens do when mixed with liquid.

It's flavorless so you don't have any strong odors or odd tastes when you mix it.

It's Gluten-Free. No Antibiotics, No Artificial coloring or flavoring. No added sugar, No Dairy, No rBGH or rBST.

One of the most digestible forms of protein you can get so it's easier on your stomach.*

PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: "Do not use if you are pregnant, expect to become pregnant, or are nursing. Consult your doctor before taking this or any other dietary supplement, especially if you have, or suspect you may have, any medical condition, or if you are taking any prescriptions, or over-the-counter medications. Keep out of the reach of children."

The answer may differ from person to person depending on many factors. Some of these may include how many people are planning on taking the Collagen Powder. The suggested serving is 1 scoop per use and that can be used several times daily, so we recommend ordering at least 2 pouches so you can enjoy savings, and if you are buying for more than one person, then order more! Plus, the more you buy, the more you save!

Some will feel benefits within a few days, for others it may take a bit longer. It all depends on the current health and lifestyle. You can expect to see/feel improved digestion, shiny hair, stronger nails, a radiant youthful glow and improved joint health with regular use.* You should give it roughly 2-3 weeks if you're eating clean and taking Collagen Peptides on a daily basis. *Results may vary.

It can if you combine it along with a healthy eating lifestyle. But it wasn't specifically created as a way for you to lose weight. It is an ideal lean protein source that will support weight release in combination with clean eating and exercise.*

Great question. For best results consume at least 1 scoop daily.

This again depends on you, as long as you take it regularly. This could be in coffee or a smoothie with breakfast or lunch, but we recommend taking it daily and as frequently as you would eat any lean protein.

There are 22 servings in each bag. Servings size = 1 scoop (19g). We recommend ordering multiple bags for the best value as the average person will use 1 scoop up to 3 times per day.

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