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My favorite thing about Cacao Bliss is that I can drink chocolate every day and not feel guilty about it!

— Mary McCreary

Cacao Bliss Single Pouch

4.4 star rating 251 Reviews
  • Guilt-Free Decadence with the purest cacao on the planet
  • Unlock your "Bliss" molecule and enter a calm state of happiness
  • Enjoy the rich chocolate you love while curbing your cravings
  • Superfood blend that gives you natural energy, mental clarity, and reduces inflammation

Dairy Free
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
Keto Friendly
Keto Friendly
Soy Free
USDA Organic
USDA Organic
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The Official "Food of the Gods"

10 Powerful Superfoods In 1

Cacao Bliss contains Raw Cacao
Raw Cacao - supports your body's natural ability to regulate blood sugar, keep you satiated and reduce the number of carbohydrates you absorb.
Cacao Bliss contains Turmeric
Turmeric - fights inflammation related to physical exercise, improves digestion, provides pain relief, dissolves stubborn fat and soothes anxiety and stress.
Cacao Bliss contains Black Pepper
Black Pepper - to maximize your results by increasing the "bioavailability" of the Turmeric by up to 2,000%.
Cacao Bliss contains MCT Powder
MCT Powder - to help you feel satiated longer, making it easier for your body to release stubborn fat deposits.
Cacao Bliss contains Cinnamon
Cinnamon - improves your body's ability to digest glucose, and reduce your desire for sugary treats.
Cacao Bliss contains Monk Fruit
Monk Fruit - satisfies your sweet tooth as well as sugar, with zero calories and no ill effect on your blood sugar.
Cacao Bliss contains Coconut Nectar
Coconut Nectar - acts as a prebiotic and feeds the healthy gut bacteria in your lower intestine.
Cacao Bliss contains Lacuma
Lucuma - adds a hint of caramel-like flavor and has wound healing properties.
Cacao Bliss contains Mesquite
Mesquite - a sweet and nutty superfood that doesn't cause blood sugar spikes, and helps boost your immune system.
Cacao Bliss contains Himalayan Salt
Himalayan Salt - contains over 84 minerals and trace elements, while helping to balance your pH levels.

Indulge In Nature's Healthiest Chocolate

Curb Cravings

Great taste that leaves you satisfied

Feel Good

Unlocks the "Bliss Molecule"


No Sugar, No Dairy, No Problem

The Earth Echo Promise

Every supplement or superfood from Earth Echo Foods is designed to be good for you and good for the planet. Our entire line of superfoods and supplements are the most bioavailable, ethically sourced ingredients on the market so that you have the energy you need to show up in your life every day, ready to give to yourself, your family, and to the earth.

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