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"Every morning I start off with a cup of organic coffee and my Cacao Bliss. It makes me feel relaxed and ready for my day. The variety of healthy, fun recipes that can be made makes this powerful nutritious supplement an absolute must in my house. It being chocolate doesn't hurt either!"

- Tina H.

"I love Collagen Peptides because it is unflavored and I enjoy using it on my smoothies, snack desserts, in my coffee it's such a great protein supplement as well that fills me up. Love how my skin has been so flawless since I started using this product, and my overall body feels different in a good way."

- Anita T.

"Cacao Bliss is so delicious! I love it! I haven't had a chance to try the wonderful recipes in your cookbook yet, but it's the perfect thing before bed. I sleep so soundly! It's also perfect for the times you feel like having something sweet, yet low calorie."

- Connie H.

"Love, love, LOVE Earth Echo's Collagen Peptides! I add one scoop to my chai tea, my morning smoothie, and my mug of Cacao Bliss every day! This collagen is like an invisibility cloak. After I add it to my drink, I give it a quick stir and POOF; it's gone! Yet, the benefits are apparent with my visibly thicker hair, more durable nails, and smoother skin. My gut is happy, too! I also add it to my recipes when I bake. For example, brownies made with Cacao Bliss and Collagen Peptides, are pure heaven! Thank you for creating a quality product that lives up to its claims!"

- Ronnda S.

"First, I noticed my hair and nails getting stronger. Next, I noticed that my knees were not as bad in the morning. And then I noticed my skin becoming clearer. This collagen is so easy to use I just add it to my morning smoothie. I can easily say I haven't felt and possibly looked this good in years. I had been stiff for so long I had forgotten what it felt like to get out of bed with ease. This stuff works!"

- Katrina G.