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Island Bliss Travel Packs

Island Bliss Travel Packs

30 servings per pouch

Enjoy the vitality lifting, gut nourishing, and energy boosting green drink that this delicious superfood blend has to offer.

Feel the energizing benefits in each refreshing sip:

  • Energy Boosting
  • Mood Supporting
  • Gut Nourishing
  • 15 single serving packs in each box - energy on the go!




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This Product Is

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Soy Free

6 Incredible Superfoods in Every Scoop

See the ingredients

  • Organic Greens Blend

    Organic Greens Blend

    A blend of 12 different superfoods and veggies including organic spirulina, organic moringa, organic chlorella, and organic maca to support energy levels and metabolism.*

  • Organic Vitaberry Blend

    Organic Vitaberry Blend

    This blend contains high quality antioxidants from 6 different berries to promote healthy ageing, cardiovascular health, as well as healthy carbohydrate metabolism.*

  • Aquamin


    A multi-mineral complex that comes from a natural mineral source that contains calcium as well as other trace minerals to boost overall health.*

  • Prebiotic/Probiotic Blend

    Prebiotic/Probiotic Blend

    Constantly working to produce a healthy gut flora to support your digestion, immunity, and overall health.*

  • Organic Spectra

    Organic Spectra

    This powerful blend contains over 18 ingredients including CoffeeBerry® and pomegranate extract plus organic acai for a natural source of energy.*

  • Turmeric


    Fights temporary inflammation related to physical exercise, improves digestion, dissolves stubborn fat and soothes occasional anxiety and stress.*

Island Bliss Travel Packs

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "The first time I tried Island Bliss, I was really shocked and kind of afraid that it would be way too sugary, and it wouldn't be healthy for me. And so to learn that it had less than a gram of sugar per serving was insane given how good it tastes and all of the super foods that are in it."

⏤ Meaghan C.

Make Endless Healthy Treats

Product Guide

Island Bliss is ready in seconds!

Mix a scoop into almond milk, Regular milk, or even water! Stir or shake until creamy, frothy and smooth - then sip and enjoy!

Mix up some Island Bliss for a quick drink to help boost your energy and nourish your gut. Or substitute it into your favorite recipe for a healthy alternative - smoothies, ice cream, salads - you name it!

Enjoy your product with one of our delicious and nutritious recipes getting more healthy with plenty of flavor and energy.

Every purchase plants a tree!

We want to move away from plastic and toward plants. In an effort to balance the impact that our packaging has on the earth, we've forged global partnerships to plant a tree for every Earth Echo™ purchase and are on track to plant 430,000 trees this year.

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How should I use Island Bliss?

Island Bliss is a great addition to amp up the flavor and nutrients in your wellness routine. Mix with just water in the morning for a quick energy boost, add a scoop to your smoothie at lunch to kick that afternoon slump, or, the tropical flavor lends itself perfectly to superfood mocktails in the evening. Need some recipe inspo? Search Island Bliss on the Earth Echo blog!

When will I start to feel the benefits of Island Bliss?

If you’ve tried chalky greens powders in the past, you’ll taste the benefits of Island Bliss immediately! Most greens are a chore to drink, but Island Bliss can be mixed with just water and tastes like being transported to a tropical paradise. No need to mask the texture by mixing it into a smoothie - although we love smoothies too! You should begin to feel an uptick in energy shortly after enjoying this tropical beverage. For the rest of the health benefits to soak in, give 1-3 weeks of eating a clean diet and taking Island Bliss on a daily basis. Results may vary.

Does Island Bliss contain caffeine?

Island Bliss contains 1mg of caffeine per serving which comes from CoffeeBerry extract. A huge nutritional benefit of CoffeeBerry is that it does not resonate in the body like regular coffee.

Will Island Bliss work as a pre-workout drink for energy?

While this is not the intended purpose, it may give you a boost of pre-workout energy. If you already love Island Bliss, try a scoop before working out, or even mix with Earth Echo Collagen Peptides for the perfect boost of energy and protein.

Will it help me lose weight?

Island Bliss can support weight loss if combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes eating wholesome foods, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and exercise. But it wasn’t specifically created as a way for you to lose weight. Island Bliss was created to boost your energy so decisions like eating healthier and doing a daily workout become easier.

Is Island Bliss safe with my current medication or medical condition?

If you are concerned about Island Bliss interacting with your medication or a medical condition, please consult your doctor. Show them the list of ingredients and ask how these fit into your current treatment plan. Orders are eligible for returns and refunds for 60 days after purchase. If you have any concerns about using Island Bliss and would like to return your order, reach out to our support team at for assistance.

Can I use multiple Earth Echo products together?

Absolutely! You can use multiple Earth Echo products to create a supplement routine that works for you. Before starting any new routine, be sure to first consult with your health care provider.

Island Bliss Travel Packs

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "The Island Bliss and Cacao Bliss are addicting! Both are refreshing, nutritious and so easy to prepare. I have been mixing with ice and water in my to go bottle. I look forward to trying some of the recipes."

⏤ B D.

The Earth Echo Promise

Every supplement or superfood from Earth Echo Foods is designed to be good for you and good for the planet.

Our entire line of superfoods and supplements are the most bioavailable, ethically sourced ingredients on the market so that you have the energy you need to show up in your life every day, ready to give to yourself, your family, and to the earth.

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